Add Funds to Account

**Funds deposited will NOT automatically apply to any outstanding balance. In order to apply a payment to an outstanding invoice, see the Pay A Due Invoice page**

Here's how to "Add Funds" to your account in the client portal without* a due invoice:

  1. Click on the "Billing" tab in the top menu bar and choose "Add Funds" (Figure 1)
  2. From the "Add Funds" window you may (Figure 2)
    1. enter an amount you wish to pay between $25 to $1,000
    2. choose a payment method of Credit Card or PayPal (note: if you select "Check" you will not be able to pay online)

Once your payment is posted your account will show a credit balance for the paid amount plus any preexisting credit balance.

  • To see your credit balance, click on the "Notifications" link at the top right of the screen next to the Logout button

Figure 1


Figure 2


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