Service Setup Wiring Configuration


Confirm the following: 

  1. The power cord for the power-over-ethernet (known here as PoE) adapter needs to be plugged into a functioning power outlet.
  2. The side connecting the power cord to the brick is fully seated.
  3. The lights on the PoE are on indicating that power is flowing. (These could be green, blue, or white depending on equipment) 
  4. The Cat 5 (Ethernet) cable that runs through the wall from the antenna outside is plugged into the “POE” port of the PoE.
  5. The second Cat 5 (Ethernet) cable is plugged into the “LAN” port of the PoE and connects to the port labeled “5 PoE out” on your AlignTec Demarc.
  6. A third Cat 5 (Ethernet) cable should connect from “port 4” of the Aligntec Demarc device to the Internet port of your wireless router. 





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