Service Intermission (temporary service suspension)

As a courtesy to customers who live part-time in the area, or whose work or other circumstances may take them out of the area for extended periods of time, we offer a Service Intermission.  With this program, internet service may be suspended while the customer is away. During the service intermission, we will charge a small Idle Service Fee of $5.00 per month, to commence on the date that the service suspension is initiated. The Idle Service Fee covers management and ongoing support of the account and service. AlignTec does not prorate billing; therefore service suspensions occur on the customer’s billing anniversary date. Consequently, we recommend this program for customers who are leaving town for longer than 30 days. Accounts must be paid in full before scheduling a service suspension and prior to the reactivation of service(s).

When a customer wishes to temporarily suspend service, we ask that they notify us a week in advance. Upon receiving a request to suspend service we require that any balance on the customer’s account is paid in full before we will set the account to suspend. Our billing system will automatically perform the suspension on the customer’s billing anniversary date. If the current billing cycle ends before the customer’s date of departure, there are two options; (1) the customer may choose to suspend service prior to their departure and lose internet service for a short period, or, (2) we can issue and take payment for the customer’s next invoice(s) to ensure continuity of service through the customer’s departure date. When the customer is ready to return, they simply let us know a minimum of 48 hours in advance and pay any fees that may be due. The date that the service is reactivated becomes the customer’s new billing cycle. 

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