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Are you moving and canceling your AlignTec Internet Service? Have you enjoyed your internet service? 

Put in a good word about us and help facilitate the transfer of your AlignTec Internet Service to the new occupants of your home and you could earn $50!

How it's done:
  • New customers must submit a Site Survey Request via the AlignTec website. You are welcome to help them with this.
  • You must be named in the site survey request: The site survey form asks "How did you hear about us?" where they must name you as the referring party.
  • Note: They will also be required to place a $50 deposit with us so that we can keep the outside equipment at the site and release you from responsibility.
  • Any outstanding balance you have must be paid in full and the inside equipment returned to the AlignTec office before completion of the transfer. 
  • Finally, a forwarding address is required so that we may send you a check.
It's a win-win for everyone... you get an extra $50 in your pocket and they will save money too. We will, of course, need to know who referred them and they must contact us before your service is uninstalled or the promotion is void. We will also need your forwarding information so that we may send you your $50 check once the new occupants have fully activated service with us. 
Eligibility is determined at AlignTec's sole discretion.
Not eligible if the account has an unpaid balance after account closure.
Uncashed checks are void 6 months after the issue date.
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