Refer-a-friend and Win!

Refer a friend to AlignTec for internet service and, if they become a new customer with us, you are eligible to receive a referral credit of $20 on your account! It's that simple.

If you know someone that would benefit from our fast, reliable internet service, just send them to our website at or have them call us at 970-375-2771 and we'll answer all their questions and get them scheduled for a site survey. If they qualify for service and become one of our new customers, you could win a credit that will go towards your own internet service.

You may refer as many friends as you like... it's good for you; it's good for us! 

The following terms and conditions apply to AlignTec's Refer-a-friend and Win! promotion:

  1. Referrer must have an active internet service account with AlignTec.
  2. Referrer's account must be in good standing.
  3. The address must not have had prior internet service with AlignTec.
  4. The new customer must contact AlignTec directly through our website ( ), Facebook ( ) page, by email or phone (970-375-2771) or walk-in to our office. Indirect contact via third parties will not be considered eligible for refer-a-friend credit.
  5. The new customer must identify by name the AlignTec customer that referred them prior to installation of their new AlignTec internet service. Credit will not be offered retroactively.
  6. Referrer will receive one $20 credit per qualified referral.
  7. Referral credits mature 15 days after being paid in full and will be applied to the referrer's account roughly 45 days after the new customer’s first month of internet service is paid in full.
  8. Referral credit is one-time only and is not applicable toward reactivation, service move, changes in the service plan, or any other modification to the new customer's initial, standard internet service plan.
  9. One referral credit per new customer will be applied to the account of the referrer named first by the new customer. If more than one referrer is named, the new customer may be asked to choose one referrer or the referral could be disqualified if the information provided does not clarify a single, qualified referring party. Referral credit may not be split among multiple, named referrers.
  10. Referral credit may not be exchanged for cash or negotiable instrument and is only available as a credit toward the referrer's existing AlignTec internet service account.
  11. AlignTec reserves the right to refuse referral credit at any time at AlignTec's sole discretion.
  12. In the interest of maintaining our customer's privacy, we will not disclose customer information. Referral information may be gleaned via our customer hub; however, customers' names and personal information will not be disclosed under any circumstances. 


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